Galveston Roofing Company Faqs

Right here at Galveston Roofing, we appreciate that you have questions about roofing services. We've been repairing and replacing roof tops throughout Galveston for year after year and have heard many of the same questions and concerns time and time again. We’ve compiled a list of roofing FAQs to help you out.

* I want a brand-new roof but do I need one?
Sometimes roof and shingle damage is obvious. At other times, only a professional roof inspection will reveal what is needed. Galveston Roofing is well equipped to assist you determine the extent of the roofing damage.

* Will my insurance carrier pay for a roof replacement?
That would be terrific, wouldn’t it? It’s not always easy to get the insurance carrier to pay for a brand-new roof replacement. It boils down to the cause of the damage and your insurance policy. For example, your insurer won’t pay for standard wear and tear to the roof. However, roof-related destruction from high winds or hail storms is often covered.

* Will my insurer pay for roof repairs?
Again, it depends on the roof damage cause. If the damage is covered, then your insurance company will cover their fraction of the roof repairs. Your insurance deductible will apply.

* Does it really matter if I wait to have a roof top evaluation for hail stone damage?
Hail is extremely injurious to the roof however hail damage is often imperceptible. By the time the roof and shingle damage is obvious, it may be too late to get the insurance company involved.

* My roof isn't leaking, why should I call Galveston Roofing?
Just because it’s not leaking doesn’t mean it’s not in need of roofing service. We are one of Galveston's most counted on roofing contractors. We hire qualified roofing contractors and work extremely hard to satisfy.

* Do you carry liability insurance?
Yes. We will show you proof of our liability insurance.

* How much does a new roof cost in Galveston?
All roof replacements are different. One of Galveston Roofing's representatives can give you an estimate for your rooftop.

* What type of roofing construction materials are best for my Galveston home?
Galveston Roofing considers your home’s overall style, your budget and time frame, and your exact requirements to determine the best roofing construction materials.

Because we know firsthand the devastation that faces this community, you can count on us. Let a Galveston Roofing representative visit your Galveston house to discuss every single one of your home's rooftop concerns in greater detail.